Posted in May 2011

Bulgur & Kefir Pancakes {a tutorial & recipe}

I had a little tiny problem. I forgot to soak our breakfast. Every. Single. Day. Last. Week. In a traditional food kitchen, when breakfast is not soaked, it is quite difficult to just “throw something together” or “pour a bowl of cereal”. Plus, I was just about out of eggs so I preferred not to make eggs … Continue reading

The Best Salad {ever!}

Okay, so I know the title of this post is kind of a big claim to make, but I think it’s true & my hubby agrees, which is all that matters, right?! I found the recipe in Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions & couldn’t believe how easy & tasty it was. I made a little bigger mess in … Continue reading

Make {green smoothies} Healthier

My family loves green smoothies. Loves. We have them on our rotating snack menu & have also started freezing them in popsicle molds for a fun treat on a hot day. Such a tasty way to get kids (& adults!) to eat lots of fruit & veggies. 😉 After reading this blog post, I knew the way I make … Continue reading

Our Weekly Menu {nourishing traditions} #2

Since we are on a new journey with our diet, I have our weekly menu on a simple two-week rotating schedule, until I get the hang of all the extra food preparations. Thankfully my hubby is so wonderful that he honestly doesn’t mind the repetition & my kids have been a little resistant (okay, a lot resistant) to the new … Continue reading

Weekend Update & Weekly Menu Plan {nourishing traditions} #1

I survived (& am still surviving) my first few days of cooking every.single.thing. from scratch with whole, real, organic, pastured, grass-fed, raw, food. Here’s a little photo list of my successes… {1/2 Gallon Shredded Chicken & 2 Gallons Chicken Stock* from Pastured Chickens} {Water Kefir & Dairy Kefir Grains successfully re-hydrated & ready for our first batches of water kefir … Continue reading

A new journey… {nourishing traditions}

Warning: this is my first of many, many post about food. 🙂 I am very interested in Traditional Food, Real Food, Raw Food, etc. & I love discussing anything related to food with other people. In this first post, I would like to share the background info & history of my family’s diet & why we are embarking on this … Continue reading