Weekend Update & Weekly Menu Plan {nourishing traditions} #1

I survived (& am still surviving) my first few days of cooking every.single.thing. from scratch with whole, real, organic, pastured, grass-fed, raw, food.

Here’s a little photo list of my successes…

{1/2 Gallon Shredded Chicken & 2 Gallons Chicken Stock* from Pastured Chickens}

{Water Kefir & Dairy Kefir Grains successfully re-hydrated & ready for our first batches of water kefir & dairy kefir}

{Trail Mix* & Kishk Granola*}

{Carob Chips*}

{Creme Fraiche*}

I did have a couple of failures, one being that my yogurt starter did not re-hydrate properly from the culture I purchased so I am trying it again today. I think that my kitchen was just too hot this weekend from all the cooking I was doing & it may have killed the culture. However, I’m not letting it get me down & I’m pushing forward into our first week of nutritious & delicious meals & snacks. 🙂

Here’s my family’s Menu for the week…

[May 2011, Week 2]

{Breakfast} Breakfast Porridge*, Kishk Granola* with Milk or Yogurt, Eggs & Hashbrowns* on Saturday morning

{A.M. Snacks} PB Smoothies & Cultured Milk Smoothies*

{Lunches} PB & Raw Honey on Sprouted Bread, Carrot & Celery Sticks with Creme Fraiche* (I added ranch style herbs), Apples & PB

{P.M. Snacks} Popcorn* & Trail Mix*

{Sunday Dinner (yesterday)} Taco Salad with Grass-fed Ground Beef, Homegrown Cilantro, & Creme Fraiche*

{Monday Dinner} Avocado Sandwiches on Sprouted Bread with leftover Taco Salad & Hard Boiled Eggs from Pastured Chickens

{Tuesday Dinner} Chicken Curry with Naan Bread, Homemade Hummus*, Soaked Brown Rice* & Sautéed Vegetables

{Wednesday Dinner} Leftovers

{Thursday Dinner} Garden Chowder with Soaked Buttermilk Biscuits* & Variety Salad*

{Friday Dinner} Lentils & Rice Casserole with Sautéed Vegetables & Garlic Toast on Sprouted Bread

{Saturday Dinner} BBQ Pizza with High Enzyme Salad*

*recipes from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

{this post was transferred from my old blog, http://www.this-precious-life.com}


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