Our Weekly Menu {nourishing traditions} #2

Since we are on a new journey with our diet, I have our weekly menu on a simple two-week rotating schedule, until I get the hang of all the extra food preparations. Thankfully my hubby is so wonderful that he honestly doesn’t mind the repetition & my kids have been a little resistant (okay, a lot resistant) to the new foods in our diet, so it’s good for them as well. Listed below is our menu for the 1st & 3rd weeks of the month & this is the menu for our 2nd & 4th weeks of the month.

[May 2011, Week 3]

{Breakfast} Breakfast Porridge*, Kishk Granola* with Milk or Yogurt, Soaked Waffles* on Saturday morning

{A.M. Snacks} PB Smoothies & Cultured Milk Smoothies*

{Lunches} PB & Raw Honey on Sprouted Bread, Carrot & Celery Sticks with Creme Fraiche* (I added ranch style herbs), Apples & PB, Salmon Salad on Sprouted Bread

{P.M. Snacks} Popcorn* & Trail Mix*

{Sunday Dinner (yesterday)} Chili made with Grass-Fed Beef, topped with Creme Fraiche*, & Cornbread* on the side

{Monday Dinner} Mexican Rice Casserole* & Refried Beans* topped with Black Olives & Creme Fraiche*

{Tuesday Dinner} Mexican Soup*, Variety Salad*, & Cornbread*

{Wednesday Dinner} Leftovers

{Thursday Dinner} Sloppy Lentils on Homemade Buns with Sautéed Vegetables

{Friday Dinner} Egg Plant Parmesan with High Enzyme Salad

{Saturday Dinner} Grilled Salmon with Soaked Brown Rice*, Grilled Asparagus (& maybe some Grilled Corn too!)

*recipes from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

{this post was transferred from my old blog, http://www.this-precious-life.com}


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