Peanut….Peanut Butter! {a sweet success}

I finally did it!

I made yummy peanut butter that our whole family loves!


My peanut butter making history…

1st attempt: I soaked & dehydrated my organic Valencia peanuts (with the skin on) from Azure & threw them in the Vitamix. Following the recipe in Nourishing Traditions, I added honey, salt & coconut oil. I loved it. It was the best peanut butter I had ever tasted. My hubby liked it. My daughter will eat anything. My son disliked it. A lot. I bought him some organic PB from TJ’s & my hubby & I devoured the homemade stuff. I thought maybe the skins made it taste bitter, so next time I’d take the skins off the peanuts after dehydrating.

2nd attempt: I soaked & dehydrated more peanuts & asked my kind & loving hubby to skin them for me. He enlisted my 3 year old son for help & they quickly (relatively speaking) got all the skins off. I threw the peanuts in my Vitamix, added a little salt, honey, & coconut oil. Ew. It was white & gross. So sad. I added more salt. Still gross. I added more honey. Still gross. We gave up & I purchased more organic PB from TJ’s. I used up the “white” peanut butter in our PB Smoothies, no one seemed to notice. I found this tutorial & I thought maybe I needed to roast the peanuts next time to get that PB-y taste.

3rd attempt: I soaked the peanuts. I placed them in the oven. I cooked them according to the directions in the tutorial. I burnt them. Badly. I am not sure what exactly went wrong. I didn’t want to waste them, so I threw them in my Vitamix, added my usual salt, honey, & coconut oil. Soooooooo gross. I prayed I could hide it in our PB Smoothies. Thankfully as long as I didn’t use too much, no one noticed & we slowly used up the brownish blackish peanut butter. I found this tutorial (just posted last week) & it gave me a small sliver of hope that maybe, maybe I could try again.

4th attempt: I soaked & dehydrated the peanuts. I took the skin off half the batchI roasted them according to directions in the tutorial. They were perfect. I threw them in my Vitamix, added honey, salt & coconut oil, & tasted it (well, I let it cool off first, it was very hot!). Delicious. I gave some to my hubby. He loved it. I gave some to my son. He loved it. Heavenly angels sing! 😉

Now we can enjoy peanut butter with these lovely health benefits…


Soaked & Dehydrated

Coconut Oil

Raw Honey, &

Sea Salt

Oh & it costs slightly less too…

$2.76: 3 C Organic Valencia Peanuts

$0.28: 3 T Coconut Oil

$0.35: 2 T Raw Honey

$0.04: 1/2 t Sea Salt

$3.43 for 16-18 ounces

TJ’s is $3.79 for 16 ounces

Okay, so it’s only a savings of $0.36 but even if it cost me slightly more, I would still make it myself because of the wonderful health benefits!

& because I can do this to the (recycled) PB jar….


{this post was transferred from my old blog,}


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