New blog, New purpose {welcome!}

After a very, very long break, I am back!

I’m so excited about my new & simple blog! The purpose of this blog is to pass along some tiny bits of the massive amounts of kitchen-food-diet-budget information I’m thinking about & planning for my family, in hopes that it will be helpful to you as you travel your own kitchen journey with your own family.

Admits all the thinking & planning, I may actually remember to do some living & then I will post new recipes, my successes, & of course, my many failures. I will always try to give credit where credit is due, so expect to see lots of links to other foodie bloggers who are much further along this journey than I am. It’s so wonderful to have a central place to point people to when they are just starting out with healthy eating & living or need some new inspiration, & I’m very happy you’ve found me here!

In order to avoid another long break & general blog burnout, I am intentionally simplifying with this new space…

*I will only be posting when I have something new to share, so that could be once a week or just once a month.

*All posts will pertain to our kitchen & food journey, nothing really about family topics, child rearing, etc. I prefer to leave my personal life personal. 😉

 *I will try my hardest to include photos in my posts as much as possible, but that involves taking them, uploading them, editing them, & then posting them, so it may end up being kind of boring looking around here.

*I plan to transfer all my recipes & menu plans from the old blog to this one, so new posts may not be popping up for a while. Please be patient with me while I make that happen & get this new blog rolling!

& again, welcome!!!


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