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Homemade Yogurt {a recipe & tutorial}

Any google search for homemade yogurt can give you a million different links for a million different ways of making yogurt. Trust me, I’ve read them all. Well not, all, but a lot. 🙂 So I figured I would add my post to the other million & give you yet another method of making homemade yogurt. Before … Continue reading

Peanut….Peanut Butter! {a sweet success}

I finally did it! I made yummy peanut butter that our whole family loves! Yipee! My peanut butter making history… 1st attempt: I soaked & dehydrated my organic Valencia peanuts (with the skin on) from Azure & threw them in the Vitamix. Following the recipe in Nourishing Traditions, I added honey, salt & coconut oil. I loved it. It was the best peanut … Continue reading

Soaked Granola {recipe & picture tutorial}

Over the last couple years, I have tried granola recipes from… Little Birdie Secrets SouleMama Raising Olives Natural Health Information Passionate Homemaking, & Health Begins With Mom & I have discovered a few things… 1. Soaking & dehydrating feels best on our tummies. Plus it makes our home smell A-M-A-Z-I-N-G while it’s dehydrating. 2. Extra … Continue reading

Bulgur & Kefir Pancakes {a tutorial & recipe}

I had a little tiny problem. I forgot to soak our breakfast. Every. Single. Day. Last. Week. In a traditional food kitchen, when breakfast is not soaked, it is quite difficult to just “throw something together” or “pour a bowl of cereal”. Plus, I was just about out of eggs so I preferred not to make eggs … Continue reading

Make {green smoothies} Healthier

My family loves green smoothies. Loves. We have them on our rotating snack menu & have also started freezing them in popsicle molds for a fun treat on a hot day. Such a tasty way to get kids (& adults!) to eat lots of fruit & veggies. 😉 After reading this blog post, I knew the way I make … Continue reading