{local} foodies

A place for local resources {including stores, sales, farmer’s markets, etc}.

Shop @…

Trader Joe’s

Why?: best prices for many items (including grade B maple syrup, organic peanut butter, non-homogenized milk, organic heavy cream [not ultra pasteurized!], organic virgin coconut oil, kerry gold (grass-fed cows) butter, bananas (non-organic), natural body care products, etc).

Mother’s Market

Why?: best price for raw milk, cream, & butter, good selection of “local” dairy (including non-homogenized milk, non-homogenized cream, whole fat yogurt, & delicious ice cream), occasionally have sales for sprouted wheat products (like ezekiel brand), kerry gold (grass-fed cows) butter, & organic pastures (grass-fed cows) butter, etc. Most everything else is not reasonably priced, IMO.

I will be adding more links, so check back again soon! 🙂


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