menu {plan}

My Menu Planning Tools…

Feel free to save these to your computer & edit them to meet your families’ needs (right click the link & then click “Download Linked File As..” OR if you just click the link it will automatically download into your browser’s “Downloads” folder). I love excel, so I’ve gotten super detailed (too detailed?) in my menu planning. I like to know exactly how much money I will be spending each month & at which food source, where I can make adjustments, how often I need to order a bulk item, etc. etc. etc. 😉

Monthly Menu Plan – May through August

Monthly Menu Plan – December through February

{Our monthly menu plan (includes breakfast, a.m. snack, lunch, p.m. snack, & dinner). I may tweak it slightly every now & then if the recipes or schedules aren’t working for us anymore.}

Master Grocery List

{A super ridiculously detailed excel document that lists (almost) every food item I purchase. I save all my receipts whenever I go shopping so I can edit & add items as needed. Hopefully food prices won’t continue to rise… so I won’t have to do much editing. 😉 It also includes a table listing how I split my monthly food budget into four different food sources (Mother’s Market, Trader Joe’s, Azure Standard, & Costco) & what I buy where.}

Kitchen Journal

{A simple form to keep track of all the items I have fermenting, soaking, dehydrating, culturing, etc. throughout my kitchen. I put it in a page protector & use a wipe-off marker. Go $green$!}

Monthly Budget Spreadsheet

{Our family budget document, posted due to personal request. 😉 }

Helpful menu planning posts from some of my favorite sites…

Weston A. Price Foundation


Passionate Homemaking

Keeper of The Home

& check out CookingTF’forum with lots of great threads about menu planning & food budgets.

Recipe Organizer-Menu Planner-Grocery List iPhone App & Website…



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